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I am a doctoral candidate in theology with a background in fine arts. As the son of a high school art teacher, I was raised in an environment that held as sacred the simple act of slowing down and noticing that which we typically take for granted. My work in theology has taken this insight into its very heart. I've been fascinated with the idea of salvation and the way that forms of prayer which emphasize stillness, silence, and release make room for its experience.

These theological sensibilities are almost identical with the generative moment in the creative process. Creativity is, in its essence, the bringing of newness into the world. It's a risky and dangerous act, for to birth the new, one must endure the release of the known and the usual. Creativity, if embarked upon, does so under the banner of salvation. Creativity is adventure!

It is here, in this union of theology, creativity, and adventure that I find myself. From the craggy peaks of Glacier National Park in Montana, to the icy waters of Lake Superior in Minnesota, to the wind-blown lava fields of Iceland, my mind, my eyes, and my spirit continue to plumb the depths of this life. My photography has become one element in this process. I hope that in my works you may also find yourself stirred anew!

* If you would like to purchase a limited edition print that is mounted, matted, and signed by me personally, please contact me above or by email at alex_blondeau@hotmail.com for details.*

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